Marie Charlotte- Meraki Models

My two girlfriends will be moving to NYC in a month or so and I’m super bummed to hear that! The good news is I was able to shoot with at least one of them before my wedding next month. I’m crossing my fingers and I hope I get to shoot with Emily before she leaves also. I didn’t really have any idea of the location I was going to shoot Marie at so I just winged it. I grabbed a few pieces from Zara and my own closet to use with Marie’s wardrobe. I shot using the Canon IdX and the Sigma 35mm Art lens which was loaned to me from Fort Worth Camera. I am in love with how these images turned out. The first location we shot in the parking lot of a CostCo and dressed her in sporty attire with a bright yellow eyelid. Check em out- :)

The second location was on the rooftop of her apartment building. The first look was a collaboration between us so she paired her hat, shoes and purse with my stockings, top and sequin dress I snagged on Poshmark. The second look was both preppy and punk. We added her vintage orange Prada purse to stand out in the images. 

The final look was out in front of her apartments on a main street. My assistant at the time (Emily) popped in for a few shots. I styled this look with a pair of black and white pants and sheer black lace shirt from Topshop. 

Cadence- Modeling Submission Shoot

After a meeting at Fort Worth Camera a few weeks ago, I noticed a girl sitting behind me that would be absolutely perfect for modeling. It turns out that she is the niece Makenzie, the Marketing and PR guy who works for FW Camera. She is 6 feet tall with unbelievable hair! She came over this morning and we shot 4 looks using some of the clothes she brought and then clothes from my wardrobe. Here are some shots of the first look we did- 

The second look was in a black jumpsuit with a pair of her black heels. 

Our third look was very fun and colorful. I paired these pants and shirt I got over the weekend and then an old, “Where’s Waldo type of shirt”. I added a pop of red lips to brighten her up and add drama. I love how these images turned out. Well, I actually love how our entire shoot turned out and it’s so hard to believe that this was her very first shoot ever! :)

Our final look I kept it more basic by having her wear a pair of black skinny jeans, a black tank top, Converse and a Burberry-inspired hat. The jeans really captured her long legs and focused on her, rather than her bold outfits. I hope that she signs with an agency here in town or at least where she is from. I see so much potential in her and think that with her age, height and unique look, she will go far in modeling. I can’t wait to shoot with you again Cadence! Good Luck! 

Channing- Wallflower

This is model Channing. She is new with Wallflower and was able to test shoot with her. (Thank you Courtney! :) Her freckled skin and gorgeous red hair looked AMAZING on camera and I’m glad I was able to add variety to my portfolio. Here is the first outfit we used during our shoot. :)

The second look we did was of her wearing a black denim dress with arched shoulders. This dress, along with the other 2 outfits, were used from Zara. If anyone is struggling with creating an editorial look, I recommend using that store to gather pieces. 

Our final look is probably my favorite out of the 3 outfits we used. 

Dallas Riddle of Wallflower Mgmt

Today I was able to add even more images to my portfolio. The best part is that I changed it up a bit by agreeing to shoot brand new male model Dallas, repressed by Wallflower Management. I felt like making these images much edgier than what I am used to when shooting females. I used a 60inch parabolic camera left and shot in front of a white seamless. Here are some images from the shoot today. Enjoy :)

Essence- Wallflower

These images were from my shoot with model Essence of Wallflower Management. It was my first time shooting with her and I was very impressed with her ability to pose and with her outgoing personality. Her mother watched during the shoot and was a joy to interact with. Essence has such glowing skin and long legs that it really photographed well during our shoot. I look forward to shooting with her in the future and wish her great success in her modeling career. 

For our second look, we paired a tropical top with my striped high-waisted shorts. Her skin was absolutely flawless so there was no editing done on her at all! That speeds up the editing process tremendously so I’m  not complaining about that. :)

Our third outfit, I put on a salmon colored jumper on her which really made her skin pop in front of the cream colored seamless we used. 

Our final look, I wanted her to wear my red romper, which I also knew would look stunning against her skin. I am so happy with how these images turned out!

Delaney - Wallflower Management

Sunday I had the pleasure of shooting with Delaney from Wallflower Management. I have wanted to shoot with her for quite some time now so I’m happy that our schedules worked out. She came over at 10am (I’m not a super early morning shooter, simply because I struggle getting up before 7:30am) and I started to do her makeup. For these first shots, we kept her hair natural and I made sure not to add too much makeup, since most agencies prefer to have clean and natural looks to add to their portfolios. 

Our next look, Erik and I wanted to use some colored gels. We used our 60” parabolic as our fill light and taped a blue gel inside. We positioned that camera left and metered it at f4.0. Our key light was a beauty dish, which had an orange gel taped inside and that was shot directly in front of her. That was metered at f8.0. Here are some images we captured for this look. 

Finally, our 3rd and final look of the day was just using a basic cream colored seamless backdrop I purchased at Fort Worth Camera. I tend to buy all of my colored backdrops there simply because I love the store and their employees. I shot this only using the 60” parabolic camera left and turned slightly in front of her to avoid any additional light spilling onto the backdrop. I curled her hair, applied her makeup in a flirty look and styled her wearing a black blazer skort suit. Here are some of the images from this look. Enjoy! :)

Fort Worth Camera FotoFest 2017 Workshop

Every year, Fort Worth Camera hosts a weeklong workshop on various interests for local and hobby photographers. Erik and I spoke and instructed on Saturday and Sunday while having models Emily and Marie be the classes’ subjects. Saturday’s session was focused on shooting natural light during the golden hour. I spent most of the class helping, guiding and directing the models with posing. Here are just a few images I captured during Day 1’s photographic workshop.  

Day 2’s workshop focused on capturing high-key during mid-day sun. The 2 hour time frame we had to shoot gave us very bright, overcast light. The shots we took outside, we had the models close their eyes so they weren’t squinting. We took a break from the outdoors, stepped inside a classroom and saw the soft window light and made the most of that spot. Below are images from Sunday. Enjoy :)

Emily - One of my favorite models!

Yesterday, I agreed upon shooting Sara Bennack’s Senior Collection. She is a fashion design major here at UNT and I couldn’t be more excited that she asked me to shoot her pieces. Emily, my friend and our model for the shoot, arrived about 2 hours early which gave me time to shoot a couple looks just for fun. I styled her with pieces from Zara, which is one of my favorite stores to shop and style models with. I added some rollers in her hair for the second look just to have some fun and I love how they turned out! Here are some of the looks we captured… :) 

I collaborated with Sara Bennack to shoot her Senior Collection. I must say this girl is extremely talented! I wish I had the ability to illustrate and sew these detailed pieces! Congratulations on being able to go to Paris to live your dream! I am so lucky I was able to shoot your collection and can’t wait to shoot more of your designs in the future! I am so proud of you :)

Emily Fede

Look #2 held at the same location at the Belmont Hotel in Dallas. I purchased these outfits from Zara and loved how they meshed with the colors surrounding the hotel. Emily rocked this shoot! I just love working with her!

Logan Fowler

Last Friday night, Logan and I shot at my house using some of my colored seamless backdrops. She had bought a black wig that she wanted to use during the shoot to create some unique and different pictures. I provided the wardrobe for some of the super edgy shoots. For this look, I had a very retro, ‘60’s style vibe in my mind… Here are the results- 

Emily- Meraki Models

So yesterday I was able to work with someone that I have been dying to shoot with ever since I saw a picture of her. I loved her look and heard nothing but fantastic things about her from a fellow fashion photographer friend. She beat me to the punch and reached out to me before I could reach her and she wanted to work with me. I had a few places in mind to shoot in Downtown Dallas so she met me mid-day and we started getting ready. I know having a HAMU artist and stylist are so important with creating top notch images, and there are times where all of our schedules just can’t seem to mesh. I love styling so much so I never really have an issue going out shopping and scouting looks to bring my vision to life. I also like to use my own personal collection of clothing since I tend to be the same size as most of the models. Our first look was actually taken in the restroom, before I even really planned to shoot there. I used an on-camera flash attached to my Leica M240. I shot between f8.0 and f11.0 at ISO 100 and my shutter speed was between 1/90 to 1/125 of a second. Going any higher than that will drag the shutter and create a black curtain across the image. I try to be creative with how I shoot and trynot to stay using natural light or with studio lights all of the time. Sometimes a simple high key, head on flash can look really cool if you edit it properly. Here are some images from the first look. Some were taken in the restroom and then in surrounding spots. 

The next look reminded me of something you would see in a current Gucci campaign. I loved the wooden panel walls and the retro looking colors on the couch, rug and pillows. We used available light during this look which I love the shadows in some of these images. The dress she is wearing is from my own personal collection which is by For Love and Lemons. 

This last look is also a very retro, hippie type of style. She really wanted to use these large yellow aviator type of glasses which added a great pop of color. I had this black bell sleeved shirt that reminded me of the 70’s and she happened to have a denim tie-skirt that worked perfectly with it. I loved how the colors she was wearing matched perfectly with the couch and pillow color!! I promise that wasn’t intentional. I just noticed this as I was creating this blog! :) On some of these shots, I also used a head on camera flash to add an editorial look to them. I hope you guys LOVE these images as much as I do. I cannot wait to work with her again and really be creative with it! -XOXO

Emily King- Callidus Agency

Today was a windy and gorgeous day! I had a morning shoot with Emily of Callidus Agency but we re-scheduled for the early afternoon since it was raining early. I didn’t really have anywhere specific to shoot our looks so I pretty much winged it. I chose Trophy Club Country Club for the first look. The monochrome yellow outfit was very complimentary to the rich blue sky and green golf course. 

The second look was a bright pink top with white jeans and a white corset around the waist. I decided to give Emily a fun hairdo so I made a bunch of top-knots all around her head. I also added a pop of hot pink lipstick to really add some fun! We shot this look around a bunch of pink blooming trees and then these Brook-stone type of houses located in Southlake Town Square. Enjoy :)

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