Fort Worth Camera FotoFest 2017 Workshop

Every year, Fort Worth Camera hosts a weeklong workshop on various interests for local and hobby photographers. Erik and I spoke and instructed on Saturday and Sunday while having models Emily and Marie be the classes’ subjects. Saturday’s session was focused on shooting natural light during the golden hour. I spent most of the class helping, guiding and directing the models with posing. Here are just a few images I captured during Day 1’s photographic workshop.  

Day 2’s workshop focused on capturing high-key during mid-day sun. The 2 hour time frame we had to shoot gave us very bright, overcast light. The shots we took outside, we had the models close their eyes so they weren’t squinting. We took a break from the outdoors, stepped inside a classroom and saw the soft window light and made the most of that spot. Below are images from Sunday. Enjoy :)

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