Essence- Wallflower

These images were from my shoot with model Essence of Wallflower Management. It was my first time shooting with her and I was very impressed with her ability to pose and with her outgoing personality. Her mother watched during the shoot and was a joy to interact with. Essence has such glowing skin and long legs that it really photographed well during our shoot. I look forward to shooting with her in the future and wish her great success in her modeling career. 

For our second look, we paired a tropical top with my striped high-waisted shorts. Her skin was absolutely flawless so there was no editing done on her at all! That speeds up the editing process tremendously so I’m  not complaining about that. :)

Our third outfit, I put on a salmon colored jumper on her which really made her skin pop in front of the cream colored seamless we used. 

Our final look, I wanted her to wear my red romper, which I also knew would look stunning against her skin. I am so happy with how these images turned out!

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