Delaney - Wallflower Management

Sunday I had the pleasure of shooting with Delaney from Wallflower Management. I have wanted to shoot with her for quite some time now so I’m happy that our schedules worked out. She came over at 10am (I’m not a super early morning shooter, simply because I struggle getting up before 7:30am) and I started to do her makeup. For these first shots, we kept her hair natural and I made sure not to add too much makeup, since most agencies prefer to have clean and natural looks to add to their portfolios. 

Our next look, Erik and I wanted to use some colored gels. We used our 60” parabolic as our fill light and taped a blue gel inside. We positioned that camera left and metered it at f4.0. Our key light was a beauty dish, which had an orange gel taped inside and that was shot directly in front of her. That was metered at f8.0. Here are some images we captured for this look. 

Finally, our 3rd and final look of the day was just using a basic cream colored seamless backdrop I purchased at Fort Worth Camera. I tend to buy all of my colored backdrops there simply because I love the store and their employees. I shot this only using the 60” parabolic camera left and turned slightly in front of her to avoid any additional light spilling onto the backdrop. I curled her hair, applied her makeup in a flirty look and styled her wearing a black blazer skort suit. Here are some of the images from this look. Enjoy! :)

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